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    Xue Jianqiang jumped up all over... Gathering those little devils together with hundreds of hoodlums and two regiments of Japanese soldiers, this was not causing trouble! ? God, he's only been gone for a few days, that dead girl has already made such big news, it seems like he has to teach her a lesson, otherwise, the next time he comes back from modern times, he will definitely will hear it. Big news that this dead girl blew up some country's capital with a nuclear bomb! It's not easy for him to accuse 186 of not being optimistic with Xue Min, it's not easy for him anyway, there are so many things to deal with every day, how can he have time to pay attention to a girl? little girl? He gritted his teeth: "I'll break your legs right now! I warned you not to run around. As soon as I turned around, you led people to the battlefield to cause trouble, that is, to fight against you!"

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    War is an insatiable monster. Once awakened, it will devour countless flesh and blood and astronomical resources. It is very fair, and treats both warring parties equally, and its desire for sacrifice is frighteningly great, and it is difficult to satisfy the power of the whole country. During two months of intense fighting, the German army achieved brilliant results, but the consumption rate was extremely shocking, such as guns and ammunition, the key being the X-4 air-to-air missile and radio. guide Fritz X. Bombs, the two weapons that made the German army invincible, are running out of stock. Of course, this is not a big problem, after all, the German army can manufacture these two types of equipment on its own. But the biggest problem is that the German army's jet fighter pilots with rich real combat experience are gradually withering away in the disastrous battle, and the newly arrived recruits can hardly adapt to a battle. such intense fighting for a while. The effectiveness of the fighter force is decreasing and this decline cannot be stopped.

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    Everything that needed to be discussed was over, and the Yalta system was formed, according to the concept of the United States, Britain and the Soviet Union, the United States and the Soviet Union stood at the top of the pyramid, Britain and France below, and below Another is Australia, Canada, Italy, the Netherlands and other small and medium-sized countries in Europe, and finally the underdeveloped countries in Asia and Europe. Africa and Latin America. They use their own blood to fend off the nations that are oppressing them, using their own dead bodies to maintain the stability of this pyramid.

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    Model nodded: "Four. Belarusian 1st and 2nd Fronts, Ukrainian 1st and 2nd Fronts, a total of 3.2 million troops, 3,000 combat aircraft, 20,000 large-caliber artillery, 6,000 tanks, 1500 self-propelled guns ."

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    Hmph, don't be timid, I will strengthen you with two 130 artillery battalions and a 122 missile battalion, give you a direct attack, blow them up, if you can't fight them then don't do it. It!"

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    These are bullets produced in the 1980s, nearing the end of their useful life, and are in the scrap category, so the relevant departments are very generous when delivering these bullets, which is a discount. It seems that the cost of destroying these expired bullets is not a small number, and can easily cause accidents, so giving them away like a lottery would be less troublesome!

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    Worst of all, the 161st and 162nd Infantry Divisions of the 8th Army did not pursue the 8th Division but pointed their spearheads at the 3rd Panzer Division. They fell into the abyss of eternal destruction. Faced with an increasingly tight encirclement and more and more air attacks, the 3rd Tank Division was completely desperate. The division commander summoned several regimental commanders, his eyes red, shaking his fist to tell them : "My lords, there is no one here!" There is no way to go, all the turning roads are completely blocked! Instead of being beaten uselessly and passively and eventually wiped out by the entire army, it is better to launch a decisive counterattack while there is still a small amount of force left, which, even at the cost of death, will seriously injured the Chinese Eighth Route Army!"

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    Ningji Gangmura was truly in a state of collapse, before he could prepare for the worst, the worst happened.

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    Tang Yi pinched the thin A4 paper in his hand and said word by word: "The central government has ordered us to blow up all the airports in the demon areas of Jinzhong, Luliang and Linfen, so that the demons do not have can take off planes. Opportunity for an air strike on Yan'an! The three airfields in the Linfen area are the biggest threat to Yan'an. These are poisonous arrows above our heads. We must give blow them up, otherwise it will be endless trouble. Therefore, I have decided that tonight I will send eighteen H-5s to bomb these three airfields at night, and I will personally command them. team!"

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    The Japanese army could only use one hundred and twenty cents of energy, one day for two days and raced against time. A large number of soldiers and supplies that were transported from the Northeast back to China, or transported from Japan to the Pacific theater, were transferred to North China, to take over the oil fields and the Japanese army. I really went all out!

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    Therefore, when the 3rd Armored Brigade was forced to cross the Yellow River under the siege of more than 100,000 Japanese troops, the 2nd Mixed Brigade and the 4th Cavalry Brigade independently approached the outskirts of Baotou airfield. .

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    Eighth Route Army is also racing against time. After a great battle, the equipment and ammunition of each division is not small, it must be enough to deal with the remnants of these two divisions, but not enough to deal with the upcoming battle, it must be supplemented in advance. . The 2nd and 5th Armored Brigades overcame the Japanese defense line and built two pontoon bridges to quickly cross the Yellow River, preparing to copy the back line of the independent and mixed 9th Brigade. The 1st Cavalry Division followed and crossed the river, returning to the steppe like a dragon entering the sea. The independent and mixed 9th Brigade could not save the trapped troops, but even itself.

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    Put him on the battlefield? What an international joke, it's no different than letting him go to the battlefield and let a nuclear weapons expert carry a pack of explosives to fight enemy tanks!

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    The Eighth Army's attack on Mobei was not all bad for the Soviet Union——Stalin had another excuse to delay the attack on Berlin, he delayed it again and again, and it was delayed a month. . But he felt that it was not enough, the German army's fighting power was still very strong, supplies had not yet been exhausted, if the Soviet army launched an attack at this time, it would definitely be a battle. Another fierce battle with a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, it's best to delay for a while. What he wanted was quick action by Bagration, not a brutal standoff by the Dnieper. The Eighth Route Army's reckless actions only gave him the best excuse, so he happily decided to postpone the attack for another half a month.

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    The representative of the air force gasped, it took him a while to regain his composure: "Is your customer awake? Even if he really wants to imitate an airplane engine, he should find a Tespey or something to imitate, find one jet engine, five jet engines, five tree trunks. "Eggs? Putting it in a museum as an exhibit would be too shabby, okay?"

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    The 8th Division, 9th Division, 36th Division, along with the Japanese 3rd Armored Division stationed in Baotou, gathered 4 Japanese divisions in the direction of the Hetao Delta. Coincidentally, these 4 divisions all came from Guangzhou. Eastern Army. This battle can almost be said to be a unilateral performance by the Kwantung Army.

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    Everyone was smiling and full of optimism. Of course, in the happy atmosphere there was also a hint of discord. The reporter carefully noticed that General Canada looked a bit lonely, sitting to the side constantly drinking. The loneliness of Canadians is understandable. Since landing in Italy, the Canadian army has taken the lead, they were the first to penetrate "Hitler's defense line" and defeat Ortona, where German paratroopers stood firm. as their first breakthrough, they entered the Lili Gorge and opened the way to Rome... From the landing in Italy to the invasion of Rome, the Canadian army suffered 25,000 casualties, at the Battle of Ortona alone, there are 1,357 Canadians. The death of two Canadian soldiers is too high a price. However, after such a fierce battle and heavy casualties, the Canadian army had to retreat upon entering Rome. The combined American and British troops entered Rome to the cheers of Roman citizens, enjoying everything that conquerors and liberators deserved, while Canadian troops entered Rome at three in the morning. Rome." The joke contained bitterness, it is estimated that at this time the Canadian soldiers must have felt betrayed and used as cannon fodder, feeling very uncomfortable. Memories of the cold welcome. When they arrived in Rome in May, it was still intact, even if it was a big festival like Christmas, Canadians could hardly feel better. In fact, most of the Canadian soldiers fought in the war. epidemic in Italy lived into their twilight years and still regretted not receiving the cheers and respect they deserved in Rome. But no one cared about this little embarrassment of the Canadians, in the eyes of them, Duc was staggered, only one final punch was left to completely knock Duc down, the black lightning that once made all of Asia tremble had now been reduced to The Object of their joy , in this common environment, it is completely normal for countries to be cautious, digging and pitting is obvious, is it worth remembering for a lifetime?

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